paper bag history

I think that everyone needs a theme song and that everyone should be given free rolls of toilet paper when they get their taxes back.

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I will take every opportunity I can to eat Kettlemans bagels before they switch over to Einsteins in May. Which also means, I should take every opportunity I can to ride my bike far and hard to harness carb energy for good, instead of evil. This folks, is why I ride my bike. That, and well… I’m cheap. Or, I’d just rather spend the money on bagels. And beer.

because I feel strongly about this….

I just went to kettlemans downtown to do some recon and get some breakfast, in speaking to an employee (cause we’re tight like that) he said that really, nothing was going to change… that they’d still be kettlemans, but owned by einstein/noah. They wouldn’t have to wear an apron or a visor and all the bagels and schmear would stay the kettlemans style. Mainly, Einsteins was interested in learning how Kettlemans makes their bagels and would be ideally, learning how to make and market a bagel that succeeds in a more upscale environment and discerning palette. So… I feel a little better about this whole thing now.  

I also asked him if I should call off the protest since I had a crowd of about 300 coming by around 2pm to camp out for a bit. 

The way bagels are cooked is something i am very passionate about. Too much of the population thinks any round piece of bread with a hole in the middle that isn’t fried can be called a bagel. In fact, in an attempt to make this less of a white person whine, think of how this relates to any minority in the population, that because they share (enter common stereotype) they must be related, when we know that is not the case. Don’t you see, judging a bagel by the shape it comes in is just the icing on the cake of the ills of society and what ails us as a whole.